VIDEO: Five Ways to Screw-up Getting Cheap Christmas Airfares

The Five Holiday Airfare Screw-ups to Avoid

Time to purchase your airline tickets for flights for Christmas and New Year’s travel – or both. So get going. But first…read this. Please (that is, if you want to try and get the cheapest airfares out there).

These are some basic tips I’ve put together that will help you get the best deals possible for holiday airfare – and by that I mean I don’t want you to pay a penny more than you have to. We’ve made it even easier to find the best deals for holiday flights with the FareCompare Holiday Flight Finder.

See Rick’s Video

Are you a “visual” person? No problem; see my video below – it’s got these same tips in it (plus a few extra insights).


Screw-up #1 Don’t Set Airfare Alerts

Sure, why would you want to set airfare alerts? All they would do is let you know in real-time when airfare prices come down on the flights you’re interested in, so you could pay less for your airline tickets.

Who would want that? Answer: Everyone.

Screw-up #2 Don’t Look at the Airline Fee Surcharge Chart

Sure, why would you want to look at an airline surcharge chart? All it could do is show you what dates are the airline surcharge dates for the holidays, so you could avoid those dates – or at least fly on the days with the cheapest airline surcharges.

This is a classic no-brainer.

Screw-up #3 Don’t Be Flexible on Air Travel Dates

Sure, why would you want to be flexible – although frankly, it could save you a nice chunk of change. You might be surprised at the savings you can get by the simple act of moving your departure/arrival dates up or back a day or so.

That’s why we came up with our Flexible Search Calendar in the first place – to save you money.

Screw-up #4 Don’t Add Up the Baggage Fees

Sure, don’t bother to look at a baggage fee chart – but then you might pay hundreds of dollars more for the total cost of your airfare (particularly if you’re traveling with the family).

And while we’re on the topic of baggage fees, another screw-up would be not using a carry-on bag for more savings.

Screw-up #5 Don’t Buy Airfare on the Best Day to Shop – Tuesday

Ignore the fact that generally, Tuesday is the best day to buy airfare. Of course, if you do ignore this, chances are very good that you will pay more for your Christmas and New Year’s flights. But that’s not the way it should work, of course.

I’ll say it again: When buying airfare, I do not want you to pay a penny more than you have to.

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Published: October 5, 2010