Five Tips for Spring Break Deals

Spring Break is Almost Here

Spring Break used to be for college kids only; nowadays, families, seniors, and anyone who needs a getaway is on the move in March.

Top Travel Destinations for Spring Break

Some places are perennial favorites – click on the cities to find the cheapest available airfare:

Meanwhile, here are my five tips for finding Spring Break flight deals and the lowest airfares:

1. Shop Now for Best Spring Break Deals

Don’t procrastinate; more and more people love to travel at this time of year, and the best Spring Break deals go fast.

  • Shop now: Don’t delay checking out prices to your potential destinations; then make your ticket purchase within the next three weeks

2. Be Flexible on Travel Dates

The more leeway you have in your travel plans, the better flight deal you can get.

  • Avoid weekend flights: Leaving on a Tues. or Wed. can save hundred of dollars
  • Fly at unpopular times: Flights at dawn or overnight flights are usually cheapest

3. Disney Vacation Options for Spring Break

Choose the right resort for you and your family and friends.

  • Disney’s Los Angeles area parks: Depending on your departure city, fares to LA may be much cheaper than Orlando
  • Disney’s Orlando parks: Check the airfares and check with the Orlando Tourism website for special hotel/restaurant deals

4. Compare Beach Airfares for Spring Break

Use the FareCompare Getaway Map for the best beaches with the cheapest flights from your airport.

  • Example: DFW travelers can find good fares to Brownsville (South Padre Island)

5. Shop Tuesdays at 3pm Eastern

My all time favorite travek tip.

  • Shop Tuesday afternoons: That’s when the most airlines have the best fares

Learn more about FareCompare and the cheapest days to fly and best times to buy airline tickets for year-round savings.


Published: January 20, 2011