Essential Travel Tips: Plan when traveling with Family

Off on a trip with the whole family? Good for you. But this time, make it the best trip ever. And that’s easy if you follow these simple reminders.

A little pre-planning goes a long way, no matter who you travel with. But who is more important than the family?

Leave contact/itinerary info with house-sitter and others.

Make sure your phone number and hotel information is available to those who need it most. Also provide house-sitters with numbers for plumbers and other professionals in case of emergency.

Bonus Tip: Make sure your cell phone works wherever you travel to.

Make sure Grandma knows what to pack.

Help her remember eye-glasses, hearing aid batteries, and medications. See FareCompare’s Essential Travel Checklist for Seniors for more ideas.

Bonus Tip: Call ahead to alert the airline if a wheelchair is required.

Don’t assume your dog can fly with you.

Some airlines do not accept pets (except for assistance animals) – check with your airline, and see FareCompare’s Essential Travel Checklist for Pets for more useful tips.

Bonus Tip: Some airlines that do accept pets restrict certain dog breeds from flying during summer months.

It pays to keep the kids amused.

In case of delays, make sure you bring food and fun – snack stuff, books, video games, and movies. See FareCompare’s Essential Travel Checklist for Children for more ideas.

Bonus Tip: Make sure all batteries are charged before you go – and bring extras.

Pack light or you’ll pay.

Many airlines now charge for checked bags – see our Domestic Airline Fee Chart to find out what extras you’ll be charged for.


Published: March 18, 2009