Best Time to Buy Airline Tickets – 5 Tips for Easter Weekend

Cheap Flights for Easter Weekend and Spring Holidays

Many people are looking for cheap flights during spring holidays, especially at Easter (April 24,) Passover (April 19,) or perhaps even Mother’s Day (May 8.)

Unfortunately, the airlines do not consider these “major travel holidays” (as opposed to Thanksgiving and Christmas when airports are jammed) so cheap flights and special Easter Weekend vacation deals are harder to find.

Five Tips to Find Cheap Easter Weekend Flights

As we always say at FareCompare, don’t pay a penny more than you have to. These tips will help:

  1. Don’t Delay I: Book your travel now; there have been nine airfare hike attempts so far this year and most have been successful. Prices for Easter weekend flights have already risen fairly dramatically and we expect the airlines will try raising prices again soon.
  2. Don’t Delay II: The cheapest airfares are usually available for 21-day and 14-day advance purchase; time is running out to take advantage of these windows.
  3. Find Last Minute Deals: This tip is directed to the on-the-fence traveler who is not obligated to be somewhere; historically, last minute specials sometimes appear just before the holiday – but don’t count on it this year. Still, check prices about a week before departure and you might get a pleasant surprise.
  4. Use Your Miles: With some roundtrip domestic ticket prices cresting at the $450 level, this is the perfect time to pay for your plane trip with frequent flyer miles.
  5. Book Getaway Deals: If you don’t have to attend the Easter egg hunt at Aunt Elsie’s, but you do want to head out of town, use the FareCompare Getaway Map. At just a glance, you’ll be able to see the cheapest destinations from your home airport, and you can plan a quick trip instantly. Then share your deal with friends on Twitter, too – you might even find a travel companion.

Reminder: Use a carryon bag; chances are you won’t be gone for long so why waste $50 on baggage fees? You know you’ll find better ways to spend that money.

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Updated: November 11, 2015