Dogs and Cats and Rats on Planes: Animal Travel News

These are the dog days of August – which means time for travel news items about pets and other critters.

Hidden camera crate: What’s it like for a dog traveling in a crate on a plane? One fellow decided to find out by placing a GoPro camera in the rear of the animal’s kennel and you can see the results below. It looked as though he had a pretty good ride.

VIDEO: From Adam’s Blog.

Pet channel: British Airways is launching a new inflight entertainment channel called, Paws and Relax. It’s supposed to do a couple of things: Help traveling pet owners pining for their stay-at-home animals and act as a stress reliever for passengers in general. The airline cites studies that claim images of dogs and cats (or pets in general) will “lower heart rates and reduce stress levels.”

VIDEO: From British Airways.

Rats on planes: It seems Air India had quite a few ticketless passengers on a recent flight – a  bunch of rats. An airline official didn’t seem too excited; they just pulled the plane for some fumigation. For what it’s worth, I’ve never seen rodents on planes and I fly a lot.

Sea creatures vs. airlines:

  • Southwest Airlines has ended its partnership with Sea World (the press release made no mention of the Blackfish documentary that’s been a thorn in Sea World’s side).
  • In other news, Singapore Airlines is the latest to ban cargo shipments of shark fins used to make the popular Asian soup. It’s estimated as many as 100 million sharks are killed each year for fins but they will no longer be transported by Singapore and several other Asian airlines.
  • Finally, have you ever seen a shark battle a plane – in mid-air? If not you’re in for a treat thanks to Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, a 2009 movie featuring a 747 that flies directly into the jaws of Mega Shark (yes, this shark can really jump). I was going to include the video here but on second thought, better check it out on your own due to some adult language. Spoiler alert: You’ll laugh yourself silly.

VIDEO: For a very fake but entertaining shark attack, click here.

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Published: August 18, 2014