"CompareTo Save" When You Buy Airline Tickets

Did you know that most fliers shop more than twenty different sources when shopping for airline tickets?

The process can be time-consuming and slow, especially if you are shopping for multiple passengers from different cities. FareCompare’s CompareTo-Save feature saves shoppers keystrokes by letting shoppers compare up to seven online airfare shopping sites in one-click.

FareCompare makes it easy and fast to find cheap airfare; simply ‘CompareTo Save’ every time you search for airline tickets – here’s how.

1. Select your departure city and destination

Compare-to-Save-step-1Using the FareCompare searchbox, select your origin, the city you are leaving from, and your destination, the city you are going to.

The FareCompare CompareTo-Save feature includes online travel agencies (OTA’s), airlines and other airline ticket quoting systems based on where you are leaving from and where you are going. The advertisers we choose to show are based on your trip, ensuring a relevant match. If your trip is to domestic to domestic destinations – domestic to international destinations – international to domestic destinations or international to international destinations, your CompareTo search will be customized based on your trip.

2. Choose up to seven partners to compare

Compare-to-Save-Step-2Once you’ve selected your origin – destination – departure date and return date, you have the option to select from our partners to compare prices. Several partners have already been chosen for you; to change the options, simply select or unselect the corresponding boxes.

When you open these windows, you will be automatically deep-linked to the results page on these partner websites, saving you time, letting you instantly compare prices with our partners, as well as compare prices with FareCompare.

3. Compare prices in new window


Once you’ve selected your origin – destination – departure/return dates – and the sites you’d like to compare prices with, click ‘Find Flights’ and the comparison shopping experience begins. While FareCompare processes your search request and finds flights for your trip, we simultaneously send your search preferences to up to seven airfare shopping sites to let you compare prices in one-click.

This action will trigger up to seven searches on seven different airfare shopping websites that will open in separate windows. These windows open as ‘pop-unders’ so that your FareCompare search is completed in the foreground. While you wait, or after FareCompare itineraries complete loading, you can conveniently compare prices with other websites side-by-side.

FareCompare does not share your personal information with our partners. Your search preferences are submitted automatically and the search results that are displayed are based on your search criteria, saving you keystrokes as you search for cheap flights.

If you use pop-up blockers…

Compare-to-SaveWhen you have your pop-up blocker setting “on,” the CompareTo Save feature will be disabled, and you will be presented with the option to compare prices by clicking each partner individually.

Whether you compare prices by clicking each partner individually, or allow the pop-up windows open on their own, FareCompare CompareTo feature is a convenient way to compare prices with up to seven advertisers side-by-side.

If you would always like to compare prices while you shop at FareCompare, change your pop-up settings to “Allow” pop-ups from “farecompare.com” in your internet browser settings.


Published: April 22, 2010