Cheapest Destinations for Fall Flights: U.S. and Europe

Looking for a cheap destination for fall travel? Here’s my top domestic getaway cities, and a list of the cheaper countries of Europe.

Listen as FareCompare CEO Rick Seaney and editor Anne McDermott talk about what’s hot and what’s not.

7 Cheapest U.S. Cities for Fall


Boston and Washington, D.C. These cities were relatively cheap this summer and prices have dropped for autumn travel. Look for other good deals on flights to Philadelphia and New York City which are running only about 15 percent more

The Most Expensive U.S. Cities


Ft. Lauderdale/Miami. Competition adds luster to Ft. Lauderdale as a cheap fall destination, but other Florida cities like Orlando and Tampa are nearly as good values with airfares about 9 percent higher.


San Antonio. We’re seeing more and more deals to this Texas city this year particularly on AirTran and United – lesser bargains, but still good deals include New Orleans, Phoenix and Tucson which are running about 20 percent more.

Southwest is Going to Start Flying Where?


Chicago. This perennial favorite keeps prices low thanks in part to two airports – O’Hare and Southwest-dominated Midway –  and prices to Chicago are running only about 7 percent higher than our last two U.S. destinations.


Colorado Springs and Denver. These outdoorsy favorites have lots of competition these days, thanks in part to airlines like Frontier and American.

Watch Out for Lufthansa Strike

Cheapest Fall Destinations in Europe

Germany, Ireland and Spain. The bigger cities in these countries are among the cheapest destinations of Europe with airfare prices running about 10 percent to 15 percentless than the popular triumvirate of London, Paris and Rome.

London. Despite that $50 surcharge at Heathrow airport, London is still about $80 cheaper than Paris and Rome – and watch prices drop again for departures during the second week in November.


Published: September 5, 2012