Best Time to Buy Flights to Miami: Cheat Sheet

Find Cheap Flights to Miami

In Miami, it’s all about the scene: the beach scene, the club scene, the art scene, the eat-great-seafood scene. At FareCompare, the scene is cheap flights; combine the two and you get a spectacular Miami vacation for the best price possible.

Here’s how to save on flights to Miami:

Travel Guide: Miami Shopping, Dining, Attractions

Cheap Flights to Miami: Best Days to Fly and Other Tips

At FareCompare, the motto is, Beat the Airfare Game. Follow these tips to learn how:

Cheapest Days to Fly: The cheapest days to fly to Miami and most U.S. cities are normally Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday (and Thursday can be cheap, too). Avoid Fridays and Sundays which can the most expensive days to fly. Tip: Check out Miami tourism sites for exclusive hotel deals during weekdays.

Cheapest Time of Day to Fly: The cheapest times to fly to Miami are generally the unpopular times to fly: at dawn, overnight, and at the dinner hour. FareCompare searches show you the cheapest available airfare, but you can filter flight times depending on personal preference.

Cheapest Time of Year to Fly: Winter is popular with snowbirds, but Miami also sizzles in the summer when families are on vacation. Spring and fall can be cheaper, but avoid Spring Break which can be more expensive (and crowded).

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Find Deals for Weekend Getaways and Last Minute Flights

Miami is one of our Top 5 Destinations for Last Minute Flights. Take a look at these tips:

Sign up for FareCompare Airfare Alerts: FareCompare does the work for you; we send you real-time information on the cheapest flights to Miami from your home airport. Tip: Open alerts immediately; the cheapest deals disappear quickly.

Use the FareCompare Getaway Map: One glance shows prices to Miami from your home airport, or from any city you choose. See a deal you like? The map makes it easy to share your finds with friends on Twitter.

Miami Airports: What You Need to Know

The Ft. Lauderdale airport can be a cheaper alternative to Miami International, and the two cities are just 25 miles apart.

Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL): This airport is served by Southwest, Virgin America, JetBlue and other discount carriers plus numerous legacy and international airlines including several Caribbean carriers.

Miami International Airport (MIA): This large facility is served by discount airlines AirTran and Sun Country plus most legacy airlines plus an impressive number of international carriers.

Airport WiFI and Transportation

Free WiFi is available at Ft. Lauderdale, while the Miami airport charges a fee for this service.

Both facilities offer a wide variety of ground transportation including taxis, rental cars, limos, shuttles and more. The Miami airport also has commuter train service to Palm Beach, while the Ft. Lauderdale airport website offers a detailed rate comparison chart for all transportation options.




Published: June 23, 2011