Cheap Flights for the Boston Marathon and Other Big Races Worldwide

What makes the Boston Marathon special? Let us count the ways.

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Boston Marathon – April 20, 2015

Everything about the Boston Marathon is special from its hilly New England terrain to its sometimes interesting weather (from snow squalls to 100 degree temperatures), but mostly because it’s such a proud tradition: Runners have been sprinting along Boston’s 26 mile, 385 yard course since 1897, making it the oldest annual marathon in the world.

As always, the race will take place on Patriot’s Day, a Massachusetts holiday celebrated on the third Monday in April; this year’s marathon will be run on April 20.

Boston is a Cheap Destination

Good news, runners, and those who cheer them on: Boston is cheap.

“Boston has long been on our list of cheaper domestic destinations,” said airfare analyst and FareCompare CEO Rick Seaney, “because it has so much airline competition.” It’s a focus city for JetBlue, served by Southwest, Virgin America and other discount carriers, as well as the major U.S. airlines and numerous international carriers.

Other Marathons, More Cheap Flights

There seem to be marathons almost everywhere these days – yes, even in Antarctica. If that’s too chilly, here are some of the better known marathons, in chronological order. [See information links for several marathons at the very end].

Click the city to find the best deals to these upcoming races.

Finding Cheap Flights Anywhere

Some simple steps to insure you find the cheapest flights to Boston or any city:

  1. Compare airfares: No single airline always has the cheapest fares – not Spirit, not Southwest, not any airline – so if you do not compare fares, you could pay too much.
  2. Compare dates: For the travel period covering most big races, or any vacation period,  there is usually no one definitive ‘best day to fly’ for everyone. So as you compare prices, also compare fares for different departure and return dates to maximize savings.
  3. Compare airports: Example: If you’re in Dallas and want to go to Boston, be sure to look at fares from both DFW and Dallas’ Love Field because there could be a big difference – and that’s true for many departure cities with multiple airports. Also, if you live in a small (or smallish) town, consider driving to the closest hub airport since bigger airports usually mean smaller ticket prices.
  4. Get started: You often find the best prices for domestic travel from three months to 30 days before departure (though deals can still be found up to two weeks before departure and sometimes later on discount carriers). For international travel, the optimal  booking window is typically five months to a month-and-a-half before departure.

Marathon Race Information

These links may help you get started on a brand new adventure.

  • Boston Marathon information is here.
  • Learn more about other marathons around the world here.

Ready, set, go find a deal.


Updated: March 18, 2015