How to Find Cheap Deals to Cool Destinations to Beat the Heat

It’s hot outside. Yes, it is summer time, but the temperatures are extreme by any standard.

It’s Hot – Really Hot

Today, the weather service issued a “heat alert” for Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. – and all of New Jersey and Delaware. Plus, it’s getting hotter in parts of the Southwest and Midwest as well.

In many communities, the Fahrenheit is hovering at 100-degrees and beyond. You know what to do. Get on a plane.

But first, let’s talk deals and destinations.

Find Cheap Deals to Caribbean Beaches (and Others)

Beaches aren’t necessarily cool, but the ocean is always wet and you will be wearing too few clothes to care what the mercury says.

Two good ways to find a beach:

It’s Winter in Australia

It is winter Down Under, but you don’t have to shovel any snow; temperatures in Sydney, for example, are in the mid-60’s this week. If it’s 103 where you are, that has got to sound good.

Fortunately, there are deals: in fact, United Airlines has a sale on flights to Sydney right now; just remember to book by July 13.

Cool U.S. Destinations

While the Eastern Seaboard sizzles, the West Coast is cool and comfortable. Try these new deals:

National Parks

A cool idea on multiple levels: Alaska Airlines is making it a little easier for you to explore some of the natural beauty in America’s terrific national parks. The airline has a promo code that’ll save you $40 on a visit to Yellowstone, Yosemite, or the Grand Canyon.

And don’t forget National Memorials like Mt. Rushmore – it’s near Rapid City, South Dakota (where this week’s temperatures are in the 60’s and 70’s). And yes, we can help you find the best available deals to Rapid City.

Crisp, Cool, Canada

Canada really is an all terrain vacation with something for everyone, so cool down up North and enjoy some deals from Air Canada – the sale is on now.

Set Instant Airfare Alerts for the Cool Trip of Your Dreams

Maybe you don’t want to cool off; maybe you want cheap flights to Las Vegas or maybe what floats your boat is a cheap flight to Palm Springs.

No problem. That’s why we help you find the cheapest deals available wherever you want to go.

And let us do the heavy lifting for you: get our real-time airfare alerts via Twitter, or get the airfare alerts in your email – and get a deal. Nothing cooler than saving a little money.


Published: July 6, 2010