Celebrate the Holidays with Flights in the Deal Zones

You know holidays are expensive. Have you looked at Thanksgiving ticket prices? But there is a solution: Flying in a Deal Zone.

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What is a Deal Zone

Deal Zones can be the perfect way to celebrate holidays in November, December and beyond without breaking the bank. Deal Zones are distinct periods throughout the year when demand is down sharply and prices plunge and they often precede or follow popular holiday travel periods. If you don’t have to follow the crowd, you can save a bundle.

Where to Fly in Deal Zones

In general, lower Deal Zone fares are good for U.S. domestic travel and for trans-Atlantic flights to Europe. Some Caribbean destinations can be on the expensive side (especially after the first of the year) but cheaper beach destinations may include the Bahamas and Jamaica. Compare fares to different islands to discover the best deals from your town.

Holiday Flights: November Deal Zone

Celebrate Thanksgiving (Nov. 26) a little early this year.

When is the November Deal Zone: This typically occurs in the first two weeks of November. True, airfare prices are good in October but generally drop even more in early November because those who will fly that month typically do so in the days just before and after Thanksgiving.

Holiday Flights: December Deal Zone

Christmas decorations will be up for your enjoyment long before the holiday.

When is the December Deal Zone: It starts once Thanksgiving travelers are get home, usually around Dec. 1 and continues through mid-December. Once you notice prices creeping up for Christmas travel, it’s over.

Holiday Flights: January Deal Zone

The January Deal Zone is usually the cheapest time of the year to fly, and a perfect time for a getaway to recover from the holidays. It’s also a perfect time to take advantage of any gifts of travel, too.

When is the January Deal Zone: It begins after the first week of January once the New Year’s travelers return home and extends roughly through Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14). You’ll know it’s over when prices zoom upwards, heralding the start of the expensive Spring Break travel period.


Updated: September 30, 2015