Morning Flight or Red Eye? The Best Times to Fly

Airfare changes can seem mysterious, but there are some rules of thumb that can serve you well. One is that you can often get plane tickets cheap by flying first thing in the morning or overnight on the so-called red eye flights. Good fares for mid-day flights, particularly during the… Read More

Budget Valentine's Day Getaways

You are probably still reeling from the Christmas holidays and finally getting back into a routine, but now you realize Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and you haven’t planned a thing. Now what? Why not treat your sweetheart and yourself to a little romantic getaway. It doesn’t have… Read More

Save Money with These 3 Holiday Dead Zones

Having a non-traditional Christmas is more common than it used to be. With blended families and work schedules that are difficult to change, people sometimes have to celebrate the holidays in creative ways. Occasionally, that means celebrating Christmas on a day other than December 25. Here’s another reason to consider… Read More

Best Airline Destinations: Can You Find Airfare Deals?

Top Travel Destinations: Can You Afford to Go? A recent article on listed some of the top summer domestic and international destinations for 2011. It is quite an impressive list of fun and exciting cities – but how expensive is it, really, to fly to these places? Can you… Read More


Published: July 12, 2011