Airplane in Flight

Airline Discounts: Senior, Bereavement, Military and Big Passenger Fares

Back in the days before deregulation when there was precious little difference between airlines price-wise, carriers strove to differentiate themselves with branding. This could range from sexy flight attendant uniforms to gracious meals of filet mignon and bordelaise sauce or special discounts for special passengers. All of which has mostly… Read More

Taking Off

Magic Dates: Cheapest Days to Fly in 2016

If you’re planning a big summer vacation trip this year – or Spring Break jaunt or weekend getaway – bookmark this page. I analyzed FareCompare’s real-time airfare data for week-long trips from 15 major cities across the U.S. Result: the cheapest days to fly in 2016.  I call them the… Read More


Updated: January 14, 2016