Luxury Travel on a Budget

When you think of luxury travel, you often think dollar signs, yachts and private jets, right? Well, there are all kinds of indulgent traveling that you can do without breaking the bank and by using things you already have to make your affordable trip seem like a more expensive one.… Read More

How to Breeze Through Airport Security

Few travelers like the TSA and it seems a good majority of people make a frowny face when airport security procedures are mentioned. The hard truth is that being herded through a line like cattle, having your belongings (not always so) meticulously scrutinized and being patted down or x-rayed is… Read More

International Travel Checklist

Preparing for a getaway to an overseas destination? Ensure you make the necessary preparations early and you will save yourself plenty of time, money and stress. Plan your overseas trip with FareCompare and this handy dandy checklist. We can make customs painless and have you jet-setting in no time. How… Read More

How to Cram Everything Into One Carry-On Bag

You’ve already proven you’re frugal by finding those cheap airline tickets. Now you just need to avoid paying exorbitant amounts of cash for checked bags. Here are 11 tips for squeezing everything you need into one carry-on. Essential Carry-On Items for Any Flight 1. Get rolling: Pack more efficiently by… Read More