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Summer Travel Tip #4: Memorial Day Weekend

This is the fourth in our ongoing series of vacation planning tips; see the complete list below. Some of these tips will save you frustration. Some will save you money. Summer Travel Tip: Memorial Day We’re starting to see warnings at airports across the country. Let’s spell it out: Get… Read More

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13 Cheap Cities for Fun Summer Vacations

A cheap destination doesn’t have to be boring. Our list of cool cities includes places that are fun for families, solo travelers and couples. Click the city to find cheap flights from your hometown. LISTEN: Rick loves cheap cities. 13 Cheap Cities for Fun Vacations First, U.S. cities, followed by… Read More

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Travel with Kids: Everything You Need to Know

If you’ll travel with the kids this summer (or during a holiday, or anytime) we think you’ll find this information helpful. It’s been vetted by old pros at the parenting game like FareCompare’s resident travel expert and dad, Rick Seaney. LISTEN: How does Rick cope with screaming babies? Kids Traveling… Read More

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You Can Afford a Summer Flight

You may have read some of the depressing media stories about new fees but, cheer up. We show you how to turn it around and actually save money. LISTEN: Rick loves saving money. Affordable Summer Flights Four ways to cut costs on your summer vacation travels. 1. Don’t pay the… Read More