All About Regional Airpasses

FareCompare helps you make sure you’re getting the best airfare by displaying all available, published fares. In some instances, however, you still might not be able to find the price you need. When you travel abroad, you can work around high ticket prices by purchasing a regional airpass. Airpasses allow… Read More

How to Book Flights to Cuba

If you have always had dreams of scoring a cheap ticket to romp on Cuba’s unspoiled beaches without having to switch flights in Central America, you are now one step closer. Several U.S. carriers will offer flights to Cuba through charter companies by the end of 2011, as a result… Read More


Published: December 7, 2011

The 5 Best Low-Cost Airlines

Low-cost airlines are finally getting their time in the spotlight as more travelers tighten their belts. These days, with all the tacked on fees and bare-bones amenities, paying top dollar to fly on a legacy carrier isn’t worth the ticket price. Budget carriers have long been a success story in… Read More


Published: December 1, 2011