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5 Ways to Gamble with Bag Fees – And Lose

If you’ll be traveling during the holidays (or anytime) remember this: baggage fees are optional and paying them can be something of a gamble. Here are some bets you should try to avoid. LISTEN: Don’t be a loser! 5 Ways to Gamble with Bag Fees 1. Betting you know the… Read More

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Beware Holiday Bag Fees

Most once-a-year travelers know airlines typically charge a fee for checked-bags, but even seasoned fliers can find it hard to keep up with all the fee changes, especially during the holidays. We’re here to help with updated fee information and useful tips on avoiding or reducing baggage fees anytime you… Read More

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Do Not Pay Bag Fees: 5 New Avoidance Techniques

As most U.S. flyers know, there are two main ways to avoid baggage fees: Fly Southwest – the lone remaining carrier with free checked-bags – or use a carry-on. However, Allegiant, Frontier and Spirit charge for all bags. New Ways to Avoid Bag Fees But hold on! There are other… Read More

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What Size Carry-on Do You Need?

In a recent column for ABC News, I wrote about “The Big Bag Theory” (apologies to Sheldon and colleagues) because everyone was getting very excited about new guidelines issued by a trade organization called International Air Transport Association. No need to get excited but there are excellent reasons to travel… Read More

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Should I Pack a Carry-on Bag or a Checked-Bag?

I’ve been asked to weigh in on this earth-shattering question many, many times: Carry-on or checked-bag? My answer is always the same: Pack a carry-on. But maybe not for the reason you think. LISTEN: Rick Seaney’s got a brand new bag. Why Pack a Carry-on Bag The are four important… Read More

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Fee-rocious Summer? Maybe, Unless You Read This

Did you hear the one about the airline that isn’t charging a fee? It’s true. Southwest recently launched a bunch of international flights but as is the case with its domestic fares if you change your mind about flying, there is no change fee. LISTEN: Rick Seaney knows we’re sick… Read More

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You Can Afford a Summer Flight

You may have read some of the depressing media stories about new fees but, cheer up. We show you how to turn it around and actually save money. LISTEN: Rick loves saving money. Affordable Summer Flights Four ways to cut costs on your summer vacation travels. 1. Don’t pay the… Read More

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You Missed Your Flight. Now What?

If there’s a flight problem that is not your fault (bad weather delays for take-offs, mechanical problems) the airline will take care of you; learn more about that here. If you are to blame (procrastination, bad traffic), you must act – and here’s what to do. LISTEN: Even experts like… Read More