A New Adventure

You Can Afford a Summer Flight

You may have read some of the depressing media stories about new fees but, cheer up. We show you how to turn it around and actually save money. LISTEN: Rick loves saving money. Affordable Summer Flights Four ways to cut costs on your summer vacation travels. 1. Don’t pay the… Read More

Touring Europe

How to Find Really Cheap Flights to Europe

If you’re looking for an excuse to go to Europe (like anyone needs one), here are two: The dollar is strong. The fares can be really cheap. 4 Steps to Find Cheap Flights to Europe Finding cheap fares is a matter of knowing where to look. Compare fares This is… Read More

Off to Adventure

5 Questions to Ask for Cheaper Vacation Flights

You’re making plans for your vacation and want to shop for tickets. First, ask these questions. Then, find the cheapest flight available. LISTEN: Rick has some especially good advice. 5 Questions for Cheaper Vacation Flights 1. How much inconvenience can I endure? A good rule of thumb: The longer the… Read More

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5 Ways to Get Kicked Off a Flight

You lose a lot of rights when you get on a plane. One of them is free speech; exercising it in certain ways could get you kicked off your flight. The moral here is always pack a little patience on today’s sardine-like planes – a little patience and a boatload… Read More

Airline Fees

No, You Do Not Have to Pay Any Airline Fees

Most of us accept that airline fees are part of today’s flying experience. Well, I’m here to tell you, it ain’t necessarily so. LISTEN: Rick Seaney avoids all fees. Usually. Do Not Pay These Fees Sure, there are some airline fees you may actually want to pay for, but if… Read More

On the Way

5 ‘Secret’ Airline Guarantees

Here at FareCompare, we recently reported on passenger rights during delays and the sad truth is, there aren’t many. However, there are some perks when problems occur but they’re so little known they might as well be secrets. LISTEN: Rick reveals more. Secret Airline Guarantees In most cases, these guarantees… Read More

Beware of Scams

5 Common Travel Scams: Could You Be a Victim?

Some of us are extra careful when traveling while others throw caution to the winds. For those of you in the latter group, there are scams out there, but a little prudence helps (along with common sense). LISTEN: How about some personal scam experiences? Five Common Travel Scams First, read… Read More