Best Oddball Airline Names

Most airlines have nice, respectable names. Think of Air France, British Airways, Singapore, Aeromexico, United. Fine names. Boring names. Fortunately, some airlines are a lot more colorful. Here’s a collection of my favorites and there’s even more in my latest column for ABCNews (do not miss Wizz Air).

Oddest things found in airports

Bearskin Airlines

Affectionately called the Bear, this Ontario, Canada-based airline boasts 19-seater turboprops flying to destinations like Flin Flon, Kapuskasing, The Pas, Red Lake and Sioux Lookout, its headquarters. Each of its planes is decorated with a distinctive set of paw prints.

Yeti Airlines

Speaking of paw prints, this Nepal-based carrier features a very large footprint – as in, Big Foot. This airline loves its Abominable Snowman mascot and market him like crazy on everything from T-shirts to huge, furry slippers featuring protruding claws (just $4.50, see photo). The items can only be purchased at the Kathmandu airport or aboard a Yeti flight soaring over the Himalayas.

Good Karma, Bad Karma

Cosmic Air used to fly the skies of Mt. Everest, too, but unfortunately it must have run into some bad karma somewhere along the way as it went out of business in 2008. But another Nepalese carrier, Buddha Air, is thriving and boasts of having “flown over 5 million passengers with zero insurance claims.” Now that’s good karma.

Find cheap flights on any odd airline


Peach – just Peach – is a Japanese-based low-cost carrier with a sprightly social media presence touting sales with names like “Life’s a Peach.” I’m not sure why they chose peach as opposed to say nectarine or kumquat (I do know Apple was taken) but they spread the love throughout their onboard dining experience where you can purchase peach-flavored gummy candy, a peach Danish pastry, even peach-flavored sake. I might have a little trouble with that last one but if you’ve tried it, tell us about it.

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Published: August 21, 2013