Best Air Travel Tips

Best Air Travel Tips to Save You Time and Money

You’ve got your ticket, and you’re ready to go. But wait – here’s a few things to remember before you head out the door: some great tips that will save you time and money.

Follow these tips – and bon voyage!

Print your boarding pass before you leave home.

You’ll save time at the airport, and maybe a little frustration as well.

Follow the TSA guidelines.

You know you’re not supposed to carry more than a 3oz. container of liquid in your carry-on, so why even try?

Check your flight on the airline’s website but don’t believe everything you read.

Sometimes, a flight will be listed as delayed for two hours – but if the airline fixes the problem in one hour, that plane will depart – with you or without you. Don’t take chances, show up for the scheduled departure time – and if you’re waiting on a delayed flight in the gate area, don’t wander too far.

Don’t be late.

Many flights are delayed, but some leave on the dot and some leave a few minutes early– if your ticket says you must be in the gate area 15 minutes (or half an hour) before departure, be there.

Avoid Bag Surprises, Pt. I.

Many airlines now charge for checked bags – see our Domestic Airline Fee Chart to find out what “extras” you’ll be charged for.

Avoid Bag Surprises, Pt. II.

Airlines are cracking down on the size of carry-on bags – see our Carry-on Size Chart to learn the precise bag dimensions allowed by each airline (and weight restrictions).


Published: January 7, 2009