AskRick Q&A: What's the Best Way to Plan Multi-City Trips?

Q: What is the Best Way to Plan Multi-City Trips?

Rick, my wife and I want to fly from PBI (West Palm Beach) to PVD (Providence, RI) next June for our daughter’s college graduation.   From there we want to fly to Shannon, Ireland and then return to West Palm Beach. Should we book it all as one trip, or two separate trips? Plus, how can we get the best deal? Should we try to purchase now or later?





A: This type of multi-city trip is called a “Circle Trip.” It’s way too early to start shopping – wait until January. The airlines will start to manage their summer seat inventory after the first of the year. June is an expensive time to travel, but the fact that you are flying into Shannon will work in your favor.
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Published: September 19, 2011