AskRick Q&A: What Do Delta's SkyMiles Program Changes Mean to Elite Flyers?

Delta SkyMiles Changes and Elite Flyers


Q:  Rick, we’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about recent changes to Delta’s SkyMiles program, specifically changes that effect elite miles members who want to hold seats and make last minute changes without penalties. A lot of folks are unhappy about this, it seems; one SkyMiles member told us, “Delta has done a very POOR job publicizing this subtle yet very powerful change and I know many flyers will be caught off guard.

(For those of you who aren’t super savvy travelers, I am not an elite miles member, either, so I am going straight to the source.)


A: Great question, Anne. It’s really frequent flyers that are going to be affected by these changes most, right?  It’s a pretty big perk to take away from people, but the bottom line is that some people have abused the policy. Let’s dig into this more.



Published: August 26, 2011