Ask Rick Podcast – Travel Alert, Good Deals and Lady Gaga

In the latest edition of the AskRick Podcast, FareCompare CEO Rick Seaney and co-host Anne McDermott talk about a favorite topic: airline fees.  Plus, Rick answers the question, “What will the official ‘travel alert’ for Europe mean for fliers?”  And as always, lots of hot deals and cool headlines (well, if you think Lady Gaga is cool). Take a listen to the October 6th episode of the Ask Rick Podcast.

Flight Attendants, Lady Gaga, plus SRO Flights

Did you hear about those flight attendents who “performed” their flight safety instructions to a Lady Gaga hit? See the video (and more) here, plus listen as Rick and Anne talk about their own weird experiences on planes – but none as weird has having to stand during a five hour flight.  Want more news Rick Seaney-style? This is the place.

Hot Topic: State Department Issues “Travel Alert” for Europe

This past Sunday (Oct. 3), the U.S. State Dept. issued a Travel Alert for Europe because of the potential for terrorist attacks. Rick has some good, solid safety tips for travelers heading to Europe or anywhere, so listen up – and see more tips at State Department Issues “Travel Alert” for Europe.

Rick on the 5 Ways to Screw-up Holiday Airfare Purchases

See Rick in the flesh – in his latest video – talking about some of his favorite money saving tips. Here’s Five Ways to Screw-up Holiday Airline Ticket Purchases:

Are You Paying Too Much for Too Many Airline Fees?

Money expert Catey Hill, a financial writer for Smart Money and author of “SHOO, Jimmy Choo! The Modern Girl’s Guide to Spending Less and Saving More” – talks about how fees add up, and how to avoid them (and she speaks from personal experience).

Ask Rick: The Ultimate Q&A

Rick answers your questions. Today’s topics: when to buy airline tickets, the difference between business and first class, how to give the “gift of travel” to a significant other, what to do about  jetlag and more. Submit your question at and listen for it on the next Ask Rick Podcast.

Last Minute Deals

What you’ve been waiting for: the deals. Rick and Anne report on last minute fall and winter deals from Southwest, Frontier and AirTran. Put on your traveling shoes, and read more at Airfare Deals Round-Up: Fall Sales from Southwest, Frontier, and AirTran

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Updated: February 15, 2016