Ask Rick Podcast – Southwest, New Deals and Expert Travel Tips

Want to hear Rick in all his airfare-geek glory? This is the podcast for you. Rick and co-host Anne McDermott talk about everything from airline food to packing tips and cool destinations. Plus, as always – cheap flights to your favorite destinations.  Listen to the September 29 episode of the Ask Rick Podcast.

Scary Landing, No More Free Airline Meals and Bag Fee Refunds

Listen Rick on the latest travel news: The deadline for the last free hot meal in coach, and – are refunds for lost or delayed bags are in your future? Listen below and read all about it here. Want more? Rick’s always got plenty to say.

Hot Topic: Southwest – AirTran Acquisition

Southwest takes over AirTran, but what does it mean for you? One thing for sure: you’ll probably save on bag fees. Rick’s got plenty to say about this, and read read more on the Southwest – AirTran acquisition here.

Rick on Getting the Cheapest Holiday Airfare

This week Rick was a guest on NewsTalk 92.3 in Phoenix. What do you need to know before buying your Thanksgiving and Christmas airfare? Rick tells you, so listen up. 

Rick Talks Accessories, Shoes, and Packing the Perfect Bag

Meet Farnoosh Brock, the Martha Stewart of travel – she’ll tell you what to pack, and what to leave home. You guys will like this, too. Keep up wth Farnoosh on her website, ProlificLiving.

Ask Rick: The Ultimate Q&A

Rick answers your questions. Today’s topics: multi-city travel and what the Southwest-AirTran deal will mean for your miles. Submit your question at and listen for it on the next Ask Rick Podcast.

Last Minute Deals

You want deals – we got ’em. Today’s specials include three big sales from Southwest, American and Alaska. Time to get away. Read more at Airfare Deals Round-Up: Europe, Alaska, and the Continental U.S.

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Published: September 30, 2010