Ask Rick Podcast: Last Minute Labor Day Deals, plus the Truth about Body Scanners

Get ready for Radio Rick: FareCompare CEO Rick Seaney is starting something new – chatting about all things air travel – on the air. Rick shares his deal finding expertise, and has some fun along the way. Take a listen to the latest episode of of the Ask Rick Radio Show.


Industry News: Airline Mergers, Tigers in Carryons and Hurricane Earl Updates

Listen to Rick’s take on the latest travel news, including that story about a smuggler who tried to hide a live tiger cub in a suitcase.  Interested in more news and articles from Rick’s Perspective?


Hot Topic: The Truth About Body Scanners

Recently, Rick was at the San Francisco airport going through those security checkpoint body scanner machines. He’s been through them on a few different occasions and guess what? He’s not as sold on them as he used to be. Hear why.  Security Update: More TSA Body Scan Machines Coming to an Airport Near You

Rick Talks deals with

Rick talks to travel writer and deal hound Pamela Jones of about how to find cheap, cheap deals at the last minute.

Last Minute Labor Day Deals

Everyone is looking for the very best deals and Rick gives you the latest airfare sales: the cheapest deals and how to score them.  For more last minute Labor Day deals and specials check out the FareCompare Deals Round Up

Ask Rick: Married Flights, Redeeming Points and More

Rick answers all your airfare questions: the fun ones, the difficult ones, the weird ones.  Submit your question via, you may hear it on the next Ask Rick Radio Show.

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Updated: February 10, 2016