Airfare Expert: Save on Las Vegas Flights

Cheap Flights to Vegas
If you haven’t seen my latest Airfare Expert column in USA Today, I will give you a short version here, but do check it out; I think you will enjoy the behind-the-scenes insider info on airfares.

1. Are airfares to Las Vegas rising?
Yes, they are and you can blame rising fuel prices. Look for summer airfare to be about 10% higher than last year.

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2. What airlines are best for Vegas?
Discount airline Allegiant is big in Vegas from a number of smaller towns, and Spirit has increased the number of its daily seats to Sin City by almost 240%. Warning: if you don’t pack carefully, you could get stung by the discount carriers relatively high baggage fees.

3. When to buy flights to Las Vegas?
Book your airline tickets for June travel now, but wait a few more weeks if you are planning to fly in July (especially the latter part of the month). As always, the cheapest day to shop for airfare to Vegas or any U.S. domestic city is Tuesday at about 3pm eastern time. Also note: the cheapest days to fly are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.


Published: April 27, 2011