How to Take Advantage of an Airfare Mistake

Taking Advantage of Airfare Mistakes

We already know airlines make mistakes.

Like leaving people sitting on the tarmac trapped on planes for hours – that’s one mistake. And many believe those irritating airline fees are another.

But what about the mistakes airlines make that sends shivers of fear down their collective corporate spines? The crazy mistakes that airlines truly dread?

We can only be talking about one thing: airfare mistakes.

Best Airfare Mistakes Ever

Mistakes can occur because of a variety of reason, say, human or computer error, but you’d better believe these mistakes don’t stick around for long – the airlines pull these “fantasy” prices as soon as they’re detected.

But sometimes, not quickly enough – and clever shoppers wind up with deals that can only be characterized as steals.

Find Great Deals Now to the Your Favorite Destinations

Some recent examples:

  • 2007: Now defunct Aloha Airlines announced a sale on flights to Hawaii – but it was a better sale than they thought, because of a mistake (possibly a coding error) that priced roundtrip airfare from the West Coast to Honolulu for $223.
  • 2007: ATA priced roundtrip flights from Orlando to Maui for just $236.
  • 2008: Both United and American Airlines filed what we believed were “mistake airfare prices” for roundtrip Dallas to Hawaii flights for under $200.
  • 2009: British Airways filed what was probably a mistake – a roundtrip flight from Los Angeles to London for under $440 (a story I broke on Twitter – just follow @rickseaney).
  • 2010: Lufthansa apparently dropped a fuel surcharge from prices by mistake, resulting in super-deals like a roundtrip flight Chicago to Frankfurt for under $400.

How to Find Airfare Errors and Mistakes

How to find these mega-deals? Two words:

Airfare alerts.

This is how many FareCompare fans have found these great deals over the years, and you can too.

Airfare alerts do the “deal finding” work for you – so you don’t have to sit on the internet hour-by-hour or day-by-day. That’s because airfare alerts let you know in real-time the instant prices drop on your favorite trip, or when a mega-mistake of a price appears on that route you’ve been eyeing.

Freedom from Drudgery

Airfare alerts are free, plus they’re easy to set: sign up for our airfare alerts and we give you three simple ways to get them – airfare alerts sent to you via email, Twitter or to your iPhone.

You know what airfare alerts get you? Good prices – and freedom from drudgery – like slaving over a hot computer.

We can’t promise there’ll be terrific airfare mistakes on the flights you want – but we can promise to help you find the very best deals available, every time you shop.

So sign up now, and let me know about any good deals you find.



Published: September 16, 2010