6 Unusual Travel Warnings about the U.S. from Other Countries

Last week I told you about unusual warnings from the State Department for U.S. travelers heading overseas including “no drunk bicycle riding” in Poland. Turnabout’s fair play so let’s see what other countries warn their travelers about when visiting the USA.

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Crime, punishment, alcohol: Some U.S. laws are different from Australia (“and may appear harsh”). Mention is made of the U.S. drinking age which is 21 versus Australia’s 18. Violators are warned they could spend a night or two in jail. Tip: A night on the town calls for a sober driver or a taxi.


Watch out in “entertainment areas”: Canadians should be alert for crime which can be linked to drugs and even alcohol. The sensible suggestion is that the folks “remain alert and discreet while in entertainment areas.” Tip: Share a cab with that nice Australian couple.


Watch out for prudes: This travel warning is courtesy the Washington Post which quoted Germany’s Federal Foreign Office in a story last November: “Nude bathing and changing clothes at the beach stirs up public agitation and can lead to unpleasantnesses.” In the for-what-it’s-worth-department, I once mentioned a proposed nudist charter flight which was the brainchild of a company in Germany (but it never got off the ground).


Watch out for weather: The U.S. is a huge country compared to the Republic of Ireland and its folks are warned about a wide variety of natural phenomena including hurricanes, because the season is long (June 1 – November 30) and it “can affect the whole of the southern US.” I’d like to note that the whole of the southern U.S. is rarely affected at the same time, and sometimes not at all.

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Beware of fires: My Italian isn’t great but even I could see the link on Italy’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs site to Cal Fire which is a site about brushfires in California. A local tells me this is something tourists really don’t have to worry about – especially in cities or at major attractions – but if there are any fires about, just flip on the news and you’ll see endless team coverage of even the smallest of blazes.

United Kingdom

Careful, speed demons: Great Britain warns that U.S. speed limits and drunk driving levels are lower than the UK. Tip: No matter where you are or where you’re from, always obey posted limits and never drive if you’ve been drinking.

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Published: March 17, 2014