6 Perfect Places for Memorial Day Trips

Whether you’re kicking off the season with an early summer vacation or just taking a weekend break, here are some great destinations for Memorial Day (May 26). Bonus: Almost all these destinations are cheaper cities to fly to.

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Most Popular Cities

These three cities always place high on top 10 “best places to go” holiday lists and Memorial Day travel is no exception.

Las Vegas: “But all you can do is gamble,” grumble some, but Vegas is so much more that its neon casinos. Try the excellent golf, top-flight restaurants, exclusive boutiques (Chanel, Dior, Tiffany’s), spas featuring treatments with names like “Kiss of the Sun” and “Hot Toe Bliss” which might be perfect for hikers after touring the ruggedly beautiful scenery of nearby Red Rock Canyon. More about Vegas attractions here.

New York: There really is something for everyone in the Big Apple from Broadway shows to the enduring appeal of Lady Liberty. Enjoy eclectic shops and fun restaurants in the Village and Brooklyn or go upscale at the city’s latest “best dining experience” trend spot, perfect after a shopping binge at Barney’s or Bergdorf’s. Catch the view from the Empire State Building, see a ballet or view some of the finest collections of art in the world. More about NYC attractions here.

Orlando: Theme parks? Of course, but don’t limit yourself to Disney or you’ll miss Harry Potter. And don’t limit yourself to park rides or you’ll miss the golf  and the art museums and the giraffe ranch. That’s right, giraffe ranch. More about Orlando attractions here.

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Most Patriotic Cities

If you want to celebrate the holiday with a touch of red, white and blue, try these destinations.

Boston: They didn’t throw tea in Boston Harbor for nothing so look up from your lobster or clam chowder as you dine at one of the many seaside restaurants. Soak up more history with a walking tour to Faneuil Hall and the Old North Church. Then visit excellent museums, admire charming architecture and enjoy the terrific nightlife scene. May we also suggest checking out the cities best Irish Pubs? More about Boston attractions here.

Philadelphia: If it’s been a while since you’ve seen the cracked Liberty Bell (if ever), now’s the time. Then try a Philly cheesesteak, ride the carousel at Franklin Square (laid out by Ben), shop at the Italian Market, run up the Rocky steps (but please, visit the gorgeous works inside the Philadelphia Museum of Art), or travel 20 miles to explore Valley Forge National Historic Park. More about Philadelphia attractions here.

Washington, D.C.: You haven’t seen the nation’s capital if you haven’t visited the majestic yet very human Lincoln Memorial on the Mall. Also make time for the Jefferson, Washington and FDR Memorials and the Tomb of the Unknowns. Save room for the unique and amazing Smithsonian Institute but pace yourself because it’s actually 9 separate museums and galleries. More about D.C. attractions here.


Published: April 2, 2014