5 Things Cheapskates Never Do When Shopping for Flights

There’s no shame in being a cheapskate for airfare; on the contrary, it’s a badge of honor. If you’d like to join the ranks of cheapskate travelers, follow these tips from FareCompare’s resident airfare expert Rick Seaney and start saving money now.

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1. Cheapskates don’t shop too early

If you buy your airline tickets for U.S. travel more than three-and-a-half months before departure, you could pay too much. For flights to Europe, don’t start shopping until about five months before take-off.

When to shop: The Zone of Indecision

Tip: These guidelines are looser when it comes to popular holiday travel periods, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas or even summer vacation. In these instances, you can shop a little earlier.

2. Cheapskates don’t shop too late

Purchase domestic tickets about 30 days before take-off. For Europe, about one-and-a half months before you go.

Tip: After these cut-off times, the more you delay the more you will pay.

3. Cheapskates don’t shop at one airline site

Your favorite low-cost carrier does not always have the cheapest prices. In fact, no single airline is always the cheapest. If you don’t compare prices, you could miss out on a great deal.

Tip: Southwest only offers its airfare prices on its own website so check it out but again, use a comparison site to see what other airlines are charging (you might be surprised).

4. Cheapskates don’t take easy flights

We’d all like to fly non-stops at convenient times on the most popular travel days, but that’s a recipe for overpaying. If your flight is longer than two hours, compare the price of non-stops vs. connecting flights; the latter is sometimes significantly cheaper. More ways where inconvenience could pay off:

  • Fly Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Saturdays – usually the cheapest days to fly
  • Fly overnight or red-eyes, or flights at dawn – again, usually cheaper than other times

Tip: There are rare cases where a connecting flight is more expensive than a direct flight; another reason why you should always compare prices.

5. Cheapskates don’t overpack

The typical checked-bag fee for a single suitcase is $50 roundtrip, but overweight fees can be far more painful. Avoid these charges by using a carry-on (and yes, you can pack everything you need in a carry-on). Note:  Allegiant, Spirit and in some cases, Frontier will charge for carry-ons as well as checked-bags.

Tip: Two airlines still offer checked-bags for free, JetBlue (1) or Southwest (2).


Published: March 19, 2014