5 Craziest Summer Travel Stories (So Far)

Maybe there’s a chill in the air (probably not in Phoenix) but the airlines are busy advertising fall airfare specials so we’ll soon be saying goodbye to summer. I thought a seasonal review was in order but forget airfare hikes or bag fees. Let’s talk fun stuff, like crazy incidents of the summer travel season. Here are five and there are even more in my latest ABC News column.

Listen as travel expert Rick Seaney and editor Anne McDermott try to keep it clean while discussing the Mile High Club.

Another Celebrity Gets the Boot

As actor Alec Baldwin learned, when an American Airlines flight attendant tells you to do something, you do it. Otherwise, you get kicked off the plane as rapper Soulja Boy learned this week when he reportedly failed to heed several requests to sit down. Unlike Baldwin, Souljah was apologetic, adding, “It was a bad night.”

Love is In the Air

This concerns a couple of frisky fliers and we’re not talking canines. It seems two seatmates on an Allegiant flight in June reportedly got a little too romantic and did so in full view of fellow passengers. One unwilling witness said, “This is not the sex education I wanted to give my sons.” A flight attendant finally told the daring duo to knock it off, but that wasn’t the end of it. Just last week, federal misdemeanor charges were filed against them for what we’ll call misbehaving on a plane.

Samsonite Samaritan

A heartwarming story. It seems a man in the Tampa airport went to pay his bag fee only to have his card declined. Flummoxed, the fellow tried to figure out what do next when he was handed a note saying, your bag fee’s on me. All the anonymous donor asked was that he “pay it forward.”

Hell Flight

When 26 people are sick on a plane – and by sick, I mean “mass vomiting” – you know it’s going to be a long flight. And it was anyway, since the Qantas jet was traveling from Santiago to Chile. To add to the misery, there were a mere 10 restrooms and as more than a few passengers noted, that wasn’t nearly enough.

Smoking Lounge

A man on an American flight wanted a cigarette but he knew there was no smoking on the plane. So he does the next best thing – he looks for a smoking area outside the plane – while it’s in mid-air. The pilot diverted the flight and the fellow was given the boot. Next day, he boarded an American Eagle plane and – did the same thing! Got the same result, too.

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Published: August 14, 2013