5 Coolest Destinations for Last-Minute Flights

Sometimes, it is the last-minute getaways that turn out to be the most memorable. If you can get a weekend’s worth of necessities into one carry-on bag, you can be out the door and on your way to your dream destination in no time. The great last-minute deals go very quickly, though, so you need to be ready to pounce when you see one that appeals to you.

If you need a break after a particularly hectic or boring week, here are five awesome destinations to which you can regularly find great last-minute airfares.

Flights to San Juan, Puerto Rico

If you want to spend a weekend doing absolutely nothing in beautiful surroundings, this is a terrific destination. Or for something totally different, you can tour a coffee plantation or a rainforest, or you can take a kayak tour of the bioluminescent bays of Vieques Island.

International flights use Aeropuerto Internacional de Luis Munos Marin (LMM), about eight miles to the east of the old city. Taxis in San Juan use a flat-rate system for most city destinations. From the airport to the Old City, expect to pay about $19. You can get around San Juan easily by bus, where fares are 75 cents. But the best way to see the Old City is on foot. Find up-to-the-minute cheap flights to San Juan.

Flights to Dublin, Ireland

We will not lie. Dublin is not a cheap place to visit, but the parks and many of the best museums and galleries are free, and any world traveler should go there at least once. And yes, you can visit pubs galore, as well as the Guinness Storehouse.

Once you arrive, AirCoach shuttles run every 15 minutes, 24/7 from the airport to city centre and the south side, covering all the major hotel and business districts. It’s 7 euros one way or 12 euros round trip. Taxis will run closer to 25 euros. Find up-to-the-minute cheap flights to Dublin.

Flights to New York City

What can you not do in New York City? Whether you are interested in museums, shopping, eating pizza at Lombardi’s in Little Italy, touring Chinatown, or just watching people in Central Park, there is something in the Big Apple for everyone.

While New York is an expensive city, you can find the cheapest airline tickets by checking fares to all three airports: JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark. You will pay the most for a taxi into Manhattan from Newark, and least from LaGuardia, so you may want to factor in cab fares when figuring our your best travel deals. Sure, you can save by using subways and buses, but you willl usually be faced with multiple transfers, and if you have luggage or kids, it is not practical. Find the latest cheap flights to New York.

Flights to Seattle

Whether you want to see the Experience Music Project, relax in Hing Hay Park during the day (or see an outdoor movie or visit the Night Market on a summer night), visit the Pacific Science Center, or just walk around one of America’s greatest cities and take it all in, a last-minute ticket to Seattle will get you there on the cheap.

Train fare into the city will cost you less than $3, and is a great option if you do not have a lot of luggage. It will be around $30 for a taxi from the airport into town. Find the latest cheap flights to Seattle.

Flights to San Diego

You may want to visit a big city. Your partner may want to visit a beach. Go to San Diego and you will get both. Fly from Nashville to San Diego for around $300 round trip. A lot of people fly to LAX and drive down, but San Diego is served by US Airways, Southwest, Delta, and American, among others. The cost of driving from LAX to San Diego can offset cheaper fares into LAX, so be sure to consider that factor when planning.

To explore the city, consider a Day Tripper Transit Pass for $5 a day, good for unlimited rides by bus, trolley, or the bay ferry. You can enjoy the Ocean Beach Pier, enjoy the bay views from Cabrillo National Monument, or spend the afternoon poking around the Hillcrest neighborhood. You will have no trouble being well fed, either, with choices ranging from Asian to American country. Find the lates cheap flights to San Diego.


Updated: February 10, 2016