4 Ways for Non-Picky People to Save on Summer Vacation

You want to get away and you’re open to suggestions. If you’re not too picky, you can save on summer flights and still have a glorious vacation.

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1. If you’re not picky about where you fly

Choose one of the cheaper destinations. These cities are good values thanks largely to fierce airline competition. Click the city to find flights from your town.

For destinations in Europe, it’s hard to beat Dublin, but we’ve seen good deals to Barcelona, too.

2. If you’re not picky about how long you fly

Coast-to-coast flights have been dropping in price as airlines vie for big-spending business travelers and the effects of this route war has trickled down into coach. If you can find a round-trip cross-country summer flight for under $400, you my friend have found yourself a deal.

3. If you’re not picky about staying somewhat close to home

Hub-to-hub flights of 90 minutes or less don’t vary in price much even during peak season. Look for these relative bargains on flights such as Los Angeles-San Francisco, Chicago-Minneapolis or Detroit, New York-Boston, Dallas-Houston, Phoenix-LA and many more.

4. If you’re not picky about convenience

Try one (or more) of these ideas but be sure to compare prices to see if the savings are worth it.

  • Fly Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturday: These are generally the cheapest days to fly.
  • Compare non-stops vs. connecting flights: Sometimes the inconvenience of a stop (or two) can add up to big savings.
  • Fly overnight, at dawn, during the dinner hour: Prices usually go drop for unpopular times to fly.
  • Compare prices from alternate airports: Bigger usually means cheaper but not always.

Suggestion: If in Los Angles compare fares out of LAX and Long Beach (20 miles apart); if in Washington, D.C. compare fares out of Reagan National and Baltimore (37 miles apart); if in southern Florida, compare fares between Miami and Fort Lauderdale (26 miles apart).


Published: April 9, 2014