4 Travel Advantages of Growing Older

Treat yourself to a second slice of  birthday cake because you’ve really got something to celebrate: The advantages of growing older. Here are just a few of my favorites for travelers:

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4 Travel Perks of Growing Older

1. The kids are out of school

If you’re older, so are the kids and you’re no longer tied down to rigid school calendars and can’t-miss soccer schedules. This means you can save on summer vacation by flying on or after Aug. 25 when prices drop 10, 20 and even 30 percent (or more) from summer fares. It also means Thanksgiving is cheaper too since you’re not stuck with the Wednesday-to-Sunday  flight routine; these are the most popular days to fly and the most expensive.

2. Discounts, discounts

Nothing like a money-saving discount to make a person feel younger and here are just a couple examples:

  • AARP – The American Association of Retired Persons has all kinds of discounts and offers including an entire travel section devoted to hotel deals, rental cars, vacation packages and more. See more information here.
  • National Park Service – The Senior Pass costs just $10 and is good for the rest of your life at all 59 national parks and thousands of national monuments, battlefields, forests and more. Bonus: Got a carload of people of all ages heading to one off these federal attractions? As long as the pass-holder is in the car, everyone gets in for free. See more information here.

3. Easy packing

Another good thing about growing older is you’re no longer bound by the insanity of peer pressure. You only have to impress yourself, so pack light by packing only what you like and what looks good on you. In other words, no need to bring “maybe” outfits that just take up space and never get worn. And because you’re packing less, you can use a carry-on and save the $50 round-trip checked-bag fee most airlines charge.

4. Dead zones for you

Retirees have it made because saying farewell to the cube farm means no more battles with co-workers for best vacation times. Even better, you can take advantage of the very cheapest times of year to fly – the dead zones. Two good ones coming up:

  • November Dead Zone: The first two weeks of the month
  • December Dead Zone:  The two weeks sandwiched between the Thanksgiving and Christmas rush

Now get out there and celebrate your latest birthday with a brand new adventure. Remember, you’re having fun and saving money.


Published: July 24, 2014