4 (Hot) Travel Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2016

Turn Heads on Your Next Vacation

“What should I wear?”

“What are you wearing?”

Do you find yourself asking (or pestering) your friends with these questions on any given Saturday night or when packing for a trip?

Well, rest easy fellow traveling ladies (and gents), I’ve got the inside scoop on four travel fashion trends to help simplify your packing list:

  • Casual Resort Wear
  • Airport Chic
  • Evening Out
  • And of course, Swimwear

1.) Casual Resort Wear – Think beach-to-bar ready. Slightly polished, but relaxed. Loose, comfortable dresses made with water-resistant and sweat wicking material will have you feeling more comfortable in the warmer climate of your beach vacation. Want sandals that double as an accessory? Then Gladiators are your answer. Add accessories that reflect light in an a subtle way and add just enough shimmer to your laid-back attire.

LeSwim Gladiator Sandals from REVEAL Swimwear
Gladiator sandals like these by LeSwim are not only comfortable, but can be laced all the way up to the knee or layer the straps with tying closer to the ankle. Handmade in Italy with real leather and they also come in black! Source: REVEAL Swimwear

Black Maxi Dress - REVEAL Swimwear
This near-backless racer back dress with pockets pairs well with shiny accessories and your over-sized beach bag. You’re ready from the bar, to the spa and back again. This look is elegant, yet relaxed! Source: REVEAL Swimwear.

Handpainted necklace with seasonal colors by TARTELaine.

TARTELaine Designs will add the perfect amount of pop, reflected by that island sun.

Earrings and necklace set by TARTELaine.

2.) Airport Chic – Where casual meets vacation mode. Gone are the days of being frumpy on the plane. Take off in a casual jumpsuit and jacket and be ready for happy hour when you land. Jumpsuits like this one from Level3Active are part of the new “athliesure” trend and are comfortable for flight time. They always pair well with a belt, flats or jacket.

Strapless jumpsuit from Level3Active. Show off those arms and back you worked hard for during the winter!

Level3ActiveJumpSuit Black
Racerback jumpsuit from Level3Active.com. Water-resistant, light weight fabric on this one is so airy and comfortable!

3.) Evening Out – Think a notch down from traditional “cocktail wear.” A loose high-low top flatters petite and tall frames. You can wear it with a camisole underneath or bare that midriff! For the men, fitted lightweight slacks, layered with a light cardigan and loafers from Belk will keep it simple!

4.) Swimwear – This year is more about the cover-up than the actual suit. Bold, beautiful, full length prints are popping up everywhere and flatter well, everyone! Of course, pair it with whatever swimsuit “suits” your fancy.

Reveal Simwear Coverup | RevealSwimwear.com
This look will guide you from poolside, to beach, to bar and back again. Metallic swimwear is still on-trend and adds that extra glow to any skin tone. Source: REVEAL Swimwear

As seen on Good Morning Texas, another beautiful coverup that flatters any body type and doubles as poolside wear or lounge/resort wear. Source: REVEAL Swimwear

Watch these four vacation looks come to life in this Good Morning Texas segment.

As always, don’t be caught paying more for your seat than the traveler next to you. Compare fares and purchase on a Tuesday. Now, time to get to shopping for your vacation wear with the money you saved on your airfare!


Updated: March 2, 2016