4 Heartwarming Travel Stories plus One Tale of Woe

Ever have a really good experience with an airline? We hear about so many bad incidents that it seems only fair to report on heart-warming stories. Here are a few, plus one tale of woe (just to spice things up).

The airline chauffeur

Thanks to a delay, a JetBlue passenger in Baltimore missed the last flight home to San Francisco and it looked like she’d be stuck there overnight. Then a JetBlue employee told her there was one more flight – out of Washington Dulles – but that’s 60 miles away and she had no way to get there. No problem, said the JetBlue guy, I’ll drive you myself. And he did.

The airline doll replacer

A 5 year old girl cried and cried on her Southwest flight because she left her doll in the airport. The pilot was touched by this so when the flight returned to that airport, he personally searched the gate area. No luck. So he bought the little girl a new doll – identical to the one that was lost.

Fantasy flights

Earlier this year, a United plane took off on an hour long flight which landed at the North Pole (a decorated airport hangar complete with Santa). But as far as the young passengers were concerned – sick children, kids who were homeless or had been abused – it was all incredibly real, and incredibly wonderful. The current and retired airline employees who helped make the fantasy flight come to life could not have agreed more.

The gifts that made a difference

Thanks to WestJet for an incredible video [see below] in which residents of a small town in the Dominican Republic are asked what they want for Christmas. The requests are modest; the children do not ask for electronics but dolls and skateboards while adults ask for things they need. One older man who has a carriage he’s repairing wishes he had a horse to pull it. Watch his face as Santa comes through.

The coughing kid

This is the promised tale of woe (told to me by an employee whose friends were the victims). During a cross-country flight, a young boy would not/could not stop coughing. Since the child was standing up in his middle seat and facing the three people seated behind him, he was coughing directly into their faces. They tried to get the parents to do something, but they refused. The child refused all requests to turn around, and the coughing continued until – well let’s just say the child suddenly became violently ill, spattering the passengers seated behind him. At this point, Mom and Dad stepped forward for clean-up duty but this did not include dry cleaning the luckless passengers’ clothing.

VIDEO: Gifts of meaning (please don’t miss this).


Updated: December 29, 2014