4 Excellent Reasons to Fly in Fall or Winter

On the fence about a non-summer vacation? You may get off that fence quick once you read this.

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1. Fall fares are really cheap.

If you flew this summer, take a look at the price of that ticket now. In many cases, it’s dropped 10, 20, even 30 percent or more. And it gets even cheaper thanks to two dead zones – dead because no one wants to fly then.

  • November dead zone: First two weeks in November.
  • December dead zone: The first two weeks after Thanksgiving travel ends, up through about Dec. 17, though this varies by airline.

Look for deals to Europe in the fall as well – and those prices drop even more in late October.

2. Winter fares are really, really cheap.

Keep your eye on January.

  • January dead zone: This starts just after the last of the New Year’s travel – right around Jan. 7 – and extends into February, ending with Spring Break.

You’ll know when Spring Break begins because prices will zoom.

Now, start packing. Here’s how.

3. Blackout dates – what blackout dates?

Most airline sales include a large number of exclusionary dates – so-called blackout dates – but outside the major holidays, this is rare in fall and winter.

4. You can even lower prices at Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving won’t be cheap but you can cut costs by breaking a few rules. You should shop now because prices are rising, and you should consider flying on Thanksgiving Day itself (Nov. 27), as it’s the cheapest day to fly during the holiday period.


Published: September 4, 2014