20 Honeymoon Destinations (for everyone, married or not)

If you’re looking for the perfect honeymoon destination, or someplace special to celebrate an anniversary or the last days of freedom before the kids come (hello, babymooners), we got you covered.

Heck, we got you covered if you’re simply looking for a getaway with friends or an amazing place for a solo travel. These destinations are for everyone and you’ll see some in the video below.

Best Honeymoon Destinations

Click the name of the location and we’ll help you find cheap flights to get you there. Shopping, dining, attractions, other useful stuff is under “more information”.

For Sun Lovers

  • Martinique and Guadaloupe: These French Caribbean islands have a lot going for them besides the usual magnificent beaches including casinos and discos. Best of all, the islands will welcome cheap Norwegian Air flights from the U.S. beginning December 2015. More information.
  • Bahamas and Jamaica: There’s a reason these two are always popular with U.S. travelers; both are beautiful and both are relatively cheap to get to. Plus both have dramatic beaches, tropical rain forests, snorkeling, golf and the list goes on. More information.

For Theme Park Fanatics

  • Orlando: Fly here for Disney World, Universal, Epcot, LEGOLAND and the list goes on. It doesn’t matter how old you are, Orlando will make sure you have fun. More information.
  • Los Angeles: Universal is here and Disneyland is just a few miles south. Plus there’s Knott’s Berry Farm, Six Flags Magic Mountain and more. Plenty of other kinds of fun too like world-class museums (The Getty), the clubs along the Sunset Strip and of course, the beach. More information.

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For Romantics

  • Paris: You know what to do. See the Eiffel Tower, visit the Louvre and Notre Dame, wander the Champs-Élysées and for heaven’s sake, eat something! Sidewalk cafés are everywhere and they are delightful. More information.
  • Florence and Venice: See one, see both (there’s a very nice train between the two cities that takes less than two hours). Both are beautiful, both are filled with incredible artwork, both are cities that will dazzle the most jaded of visitors. Tip: Avoid the worst of the crowds by traveling from October to April. But if you can only go in the summer months, these cities will still take your breath away. More information (look for Florence under Tuscany and Venice under Veneto).

For Adventurers

  • Ayers Rock – Uluru: The red monolith rises up from Australian desert smack in the middle of the country and is well worth a visit – of course, any visit to Australia (or neighboring New Zealand) is well worth it, if you ask us. More information.
  • Beijing: The 2,000+ year old Great Wall of China is just an hour-and-a-half from Beijing so go see it, but we also think being in a city of nearly 20 million people is its own adventure. More information.
  • Peru: There are many reasons to visit this South American country but the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, “one of the most spectacular trekking routes in the world” has got to top the list. More information.
  • Croatia: See the ruins of a Roman ampitheatre, wander through medieval towns and visit one of the brilliant islands along the Dalmatian Coast. More information.

For Cozy Getaways

  • Vermont: Summer is for art galleries, hiking and chocolate factory tours (or ice cream factory tours, am I right, Ben & Jerry?). Autumn is for fall foliage, winter for skiing, spring for maple sugaring and so much more. Find a B&B with a cozy fireplace. More information.
  • Ireland: Visit an ancient castle, go to a noisy pub filled with friendly people, see the Book of Kells, idle in the car as you wait for a herd of sheep to move, and everywhere you go, see some of the greenest and most breathtaking scenery on earth. More information.

For Nightlife Connoisseurs

  • Miami: We hope you like to dance. Perhaps even enjoy a cocktail or two. It will also be helpful if you love to shop, enjoy art, like to fish or have fun on a beach. More information.
  • Las Vegas: Believe it or not, there’s more to Vegas than gambling such as great hiking, beautiful scenery, tons of golf and lots of pool parties. And gambling. More information.

For Sophisticates

  • New York: Shop designer boutiques, see a Broadway play then hit up a club and dine in one of 20,000 restaurants featuring cuisines of the world (but don’t forget those great neighborhood pizza joints). More information.
  • London: This grand city is a monument to history, art, trendy clubs, fantastic restaurants. It has everything including a queen. More information.

Wild Card

  • Montana: It has the Rockies, it has elk, it has bison and bears, it has national parks and it also has the perfect scenic drive in the wonderfully-named Going to the Sun Road (in Glacier National Park). More information.

Now comes the hard part  – choosing. Have fun and congratulations on your wedding, anniversary, baby, vacation, graduation, passing driver’s ed, whatever!

VIDEO: A quick look at a few of these cool destinations.


Updated: July 22, 2015