Yes, $99 Cross-Country Cheap Flights Still Exist

Airfare analyst and FareCompare CEO Rick Seaney has long called $99 one-way cross-country fares “the holy grail for flyers.” Incredible price, right? Like something out of the 1980s People Express playbook.

But once in a while, such cheap fares reappear.

Cheap Flights for $99 (and up)

It happened yesterday (June 23, 2015). This is what we found while perusing some of the latest airline sales on the Deals Blog:

  • Los Angeles to Atlanta, from $99 one-way

And there were even more ‘almost’ cross-country deals, like these:

  • Washington DC to Las Vegas from $89 one-way
  • Atlanta to Denver from $89 one-way
  • New York to Denver from $79 one-way
  • San Diego to Washington DC $139 one-way

How to Find These Deals

These deals were featured in various airline sales, and yes, low-cost carriers like Frontier led the way. If you’d like to find deals like this in the future, we make it simple:

  • Visit the Deals Blog: Especially on Tuesday; it’s generally the cheapest day to shop because that’s when airlines launch their sales, and the competitors match the lower prices. We post as many sales as possible in the Deals Blog.
  • Social Media: No time to check a blog? We get it, so we put the deals on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Set Airfare Alerts: Deals can and do pop up without warning and some of these deals can be incredibly cheap. Set some airfare alerts – this is very easy, just go to the FareCompare homepage – and you’ll be notified when deals appear.
  • Always Compare Airfares: So simple to do, and so worthwhile. Remember, no single airline always has the best prices so if you don’t compare the fares of multiple airlines on a search site, you might pay too much (you might even pay way, way too much).


Updated: October 27, 2015