Worst Flights for Delays – We Name the Airlines and Cities

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If you haven’t visited before, check out the Dept. of Transportation (DOT) Aviation Consumer Protection and Enforcement site.

It features loads of useful stuff – all about air travel – including rules you should know, tips and advice, security information and even how to file a complaint against an airline.

My favorite part of the site: the monthly air travel consumer report, and that brings us to the topic at hand – worst flights for delays.

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Worst Flights for Delays

Technically, the site refers to such flights as “chronically delayed flights” which is to say, flights that are late by at least 30 min, and at least 50% of time. And the ones we’re going to list are from the DOT’s August 2010 figures – and these are flight that have been chronically delayed for three months in a row.

  • SkyWest – two flights from North Bend, Oregon to San Francisco
  • ExpressJet – one flight from Atlanta to Newark
  • Comair – one flight from Oklahoma City to Atlanta

But let’s look at the bigger picture: which airlines have the best and worst on-time records for August?

Top 5 Airlines – Highest On-Time Arrival Rates

Again, these airlines have the best records for August 2010; as always, Hawaiian ranks #1 but then it rarely snows in Oahu.

  1. Hawaiian
  2. Alaska
  3. Continental
  4. United
  5. US Airways

Airlines with Worst On-Time Arrival Rates

And these are the worst for August 2010, with #1 having the lowest percentage of on-time arrivals.

  1. Comair
  2. Jetblue
  3. Delta
  4. American Eagle
  5. SkyWest

Fewer Being Stuck on Planes for Hours-Long Delays

Some very good news: the DOT’s 3 hour rule appears to be having some effect. In August of last year, there were more than 60 planes that sat on tarmacs with passengers aboard for more than three hours – but this past August, there was just one such flight.

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Published: October 14, 2010