Wine in Cans and Other Odd Items Sold by Airlines

As FareCompare reported last week, Spirit has begun serving wine in cans ($7) but this may not be the most unusual food or drink item offered by a carrier. Catering critics say strong contenders include a neon-yellow omelet dished up by Ukraine International Airlines as well as a “fluorescent green drink” served by Air Botswana.

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Secret World of Airline Shopping

Airlines will also sell other items including inflight comforts such as extra legroom or pillows and blankets, but they are also eager to sell  many other items that have nothing to do with inflight amenities – most of which you probably never heard of. Call it, the secret world of airline shopping.

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From Dog Hoodies to Rubber Duckies

Most airlines sites offer branded “gifts” for sale to the general public. Some of the more interesting examples follow – but if you spot something even more unique, let us know.

Aer Lingus: The Dublin-based airline offers everything from “Irish-scented candles” ($8) to a figurine of a rabbit wearing a traditional Irish dance costume ($6).

American: The carrier’s C.R. Smith Museum in Fort Worth offers a merger pin featuring the logos of American and US Airways ($8), plus everything from Astronaut Ice Cream ($3) to an aviator helmeted-rubber duckie for the bath ($3.49). Higher end items include neckties imprinted with the “Wright brothers’ flying machine blueprints” ($39.99) and a crystal eagle “collectible” with real gold accents ($300)

JetBlue: This younger airline offers several high-tech gifts including power sticks and chargers but  they’re not above offering branded flip flops ($14.29) or even tall rubber boots (which apparently aren’t selling since they been reduced from $35 to $15)

Southwest: Favorites include a ceramic cookie jar in the shape of a fat, smiling airplane ($28) and a tank top for dogs that says “co-pilot” ($16). There is also a flight attendant doll ($16) but careful, kids – get too rowdy and it might kick you off the plane.

Spirit: The airline offers a sweatshirt hoodie for dogs ($22). 100% cotton and it comes complete with pockets; as the airline notes, it’s for canines who “like to dress to impress.”

United: This is where you’ll find a propeller letter opener ($13.15) or a squeezable airplane stress toy (a bargain at just $1.70). Good thing Boeing got its Dreamliner back in the air since United also offers a keepsake of the plane in a “limited edition crystal ornament” ($30.50)


Published: June 10, 2013