Which Spring Break Destination is Right for You

What are you looking for? We’ve got you covered with some wide-ranging destination ideas in no particular order. But first – three quick tips:

  • Try to fly midweek days or Saturdays – they’re usually cheaper.
  • If you can live without a direct flight, add a stop (or two) – it’ll usually save you money.
  • Some airlines require a two-week advance purchase; some require 21 days. Shop now.

Listen: Rick Seaney has more advice on saving money.

Ready? Click the city name to find flights from your hometown or college-close airport.

Ski: Boston and Denver

The good news is, Boston and Denver have been cheap the past year thanks to lots of airline competition. Plenty of great skiing throughout New England and of course the Rockies. More ski and snowboard info here.

Charm: Charleston, S.C.

JetBlue offers especially cheap flights from New York to this lovely coastal town.  Walk along Charleston’s Battery, ooh and ah at historic mansions or take a Pirate Tour. More things to do here.

International: Ireland

Book now because prices are inching up but Dublin (and Shannon) are still cheap, especially from Boston and New York. More tourist info here.

Hollywood: Los Angeles

This perennially well-priced destination offers everything from glitzy culture (The Getty Museum) to sidewalk schlock (super hero look-alikes on the Hollywood Walk of Fame) and boardwalks on beaches (Venice). Los Angeles has tons of great clubs, too. More to do here.

Beach: Miami or Ft. Lauderdale

Spring Break in Florida: What could go wrong? Be sure to check prices to both Miami and Fort Lauderdale airports (they’re just 26 miles apart) to be sure of getting the best deal. And when you’re bored with the beach, see what else you can do here.

Traditional Fun: New Orleans

You know about Bourbon Street. You know about the nightlife. But whatever else you do in New Orleans, eat something (the food is out of this world). We’ve been seeing great deals to the Big Easy out of Houston. More attraction info here.

Eclectic: Seattle

Great clubs, great coffee, great whale watching opportunities. We’ve seen very good deals to Seattle from several cities, especially San Francisco. More stuff to do here.

Great Outdoors: Yosemite and Saguaro National Parks

California’s Yosemite is 184 miles from Oakland (close to San Francisco too and about 174 miles from Sacramento) while Arizona’s park of otherworldly, massive cacti is just 130 miles south of Phoenix (it’s closer to Tucson but this smaller airport is apt to be more expensive). Obviously this requires significant driving time but it’s totally doable and completely worth it. More info on all the national parks here.


Published: January 30, 2014