Which Country’s Travelers are the Biggest Cheapskates?

According to  Expedia, a lot of U.S. fliers are cheapskates. Or at least they’re tight with money when it comes to paying airline fees for ‘extras’. Cheap? Maybe. Others might call it ‘frugal’ or good old common sense.

Biggest Cheapskates on Fees

Cheapskate habits were documented in a recent Expedia survey of 11,000 travelers around the world. According to one news report, people from the U.S. are less likely than almost every other country to shell out for any amenities on short hops and 67% of U.S. fliers said they “avoid baggage fees at all costs.” Australians were close behind at 62%. More interesting nuggets from the survey.

Willingness to pay for business or first class upgrades

On flights lasting 7 to 12 hours:

  • 43% of Mexicans
  • 24% of Americans

Willingness to pay for an aisle seat

  • 17% of Singaporean
  • 16% of Americans

Willingness to pay for a seat in a child-free quiet zone

On flights 12 hours or longer

  • 41% – Mexico
  • 38% – Thailand
  • 37% – Taiwan
  • 18% – U.S.

Willingness to pay for alcohol

On short-haul flights

  • 13% – U.S.
  • 10% – Global average

Items or amenities travelers “can’t live without”

Results include fliers from all countries.

  • 43% – Water
  • 33% – Mobile devices
  • 26% – Headphones
  • 24% – Meal

Is alcohol a ‘can’t live without’ item?

Yes, for 9% of Americans but in this instance the U.S. was bested by the Australians (14%). We understand, mate.


Updated: February 1, 2016