What Travelers Hate about Airlines – Spirit’s ‘Hatred Report’

Back in July, Spirit Airlines invited folks to vent about flying. Some 28,000 folks obliged, slamming several carriers including Spirit. [See the video below]

Spirit knew this would happen; the airline PR team also knew it was an excellent opportunity for free publicity and the carrier never seems to mind if the publicity is good or bad. Now, round two: Spirit issues its Hatred Report.

What Passengers Hated Most

According to Spirit, the word “suck” appeared 914 times in various passenger critiques and was included in this memorable quote: “I’d rather watch paint dry than fly Spirit again. They put the S in suck.”

Again, other airlines came in for their share of hatred but these were the biggest specific targets:

  • Hate airline food: 5% [Question: What airline food?]
  • Hate flight delays: 15%
  • Hate the fees: 19%
  • Hate uncomfortable seats: 20%

Anyone who’s ever flown Spirit knows its seats are among the most cramped in the industry, plus they have another downside – none of them recline. But Spirit sees the hate-spewing as an opportunity to discuss its “Frill Control”. In other words, if you want any sort of amenity or frill on a Spirit flight, you have to pay for it – and frills include carry-on bags and even soft drinks or a cup of water. It’s how the airline keeps its fares low.

Are Spirit Fares Always the Cheapest? No.

Sometimes Spirit fares are cheapest. Sometimes they are not. Here’s an example we found today (Nov. 4) for round-trip flights between Los Angeles and San Francisco:

  • Spirit: $122
  • Virgin America: $109

The moral of the story: Always compare airfare prices. Always.

VIDEO: Spirit’s amusing State of the Hate report from Vimeo.

Spirit’s State of the Hate Report from Spirit Airlines on Vimeo.


Updated: November 12, 2014