What to Know if You Have Any Fear of Flying

Maybe you don’t suffer from panic attacks when you board a plane but maybe there’s a little voice asking, “Am I going to be OK?” Tell that little voice, yes, indeed – at least according to the latest figures compiled by the Aviation Safety Network.

Solutions for those afraid of flying

Fewest Fatalities on Record

This private research group says that the world’s airlines had one of the safest years ever in 2013 with the fewest fatalities on record (265 in 2013 vs. 475 in 2012). The report also notes that, “the number of fatalities is significantly lower than the ten-year average of 720 fatalities.”

Safest Airlines

The safest airline to fly? According to a somewhat complicated formula by AirlineRatings, the winner is Australia’s Qantas which has “a fatality-free record in the jet era (since 1951).” But you don’t have to fly Down Under to experience safety as U.S. airlines are widely regarded as among the safest in the world.

Forget crashes, watch out for turbulence

Shark vs. Airplane

Just to be crystal clear, your chances of meeting your end in airplane crash are very, very low. According to This Week, you have a much better chance of being killed by a shark.


Published: January 13, 2014