What JetBlue Travelers Need to Know about the Massive Storm Delays

As FareCompare reported Monday, JetBlue was experiencing severe problems and very long waits for help on their call lines and they apologized in advance. The airline eventually canceled all flights out of New York and Boston but expects to be back up to speed this afternoon (Jan. 7).

As air travel analyst Rick Seaney noted, that still means an incredible backlog of passengers but, “As painful as it may seem for customers, it is much better to have your flight pre-canceled than to spend hours at the airport with limited hopes of a flight – or worse yet be stuck at a connection or destination.” The airline asks for your patience and offers some tips.

JetBlue – Latest Information

Some quick suggestions followed by what JetBlue has to say:

Passenger Options on JetBlue

Here is the latest information take verbatim from JetBlue’s website which includes to questions about changing flights, refunds, flying other airlines and reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses:

Q: My flight was rebooked, but the time/date doesn’t work for me. Can I get a better flight?

A: We automatically rebook customers on the next available JetBlue flight. Other seats are limited, and may not be available for several days. You can cancel your reservation and get a refund, or rebook within the waiver period.

Q: Why can’t you just get us an extra plane?

A: We unfortunately don’t have enough spare aircraft or crews to immediately rebook all the customers displaced over the multi-day disruption of operations. We are running some extra flights to relieve certain destinations.

Q: Can you put me on another carrier’s flight?

A: Like JetBlue, many carriers are fully booked (and in many cases overbooked). We will work with customers on a case-by-case basis to find a workable solution.

Q: I just want a refund, what do I do?

A: You can request a refund via Manage My Flight. If you booked via a third party site, we may not have your contact details – please call us at 800-JETBLUE or work with your booking partner.

Q: Will you reimburse me for out of pocket expenses?

A: As part of our recovery plan, we will be addressing individual requests for reimbursement on a case-by-case basis. While we cannot guarantee any expense will be covered, you may submit a request at jetblue.com/contact-us.


Published: January 7, 2014