Welcome to Tuesday, Home of Cheap Flights

There’s a reason we tell you to shop on Tuesday. It’s the day deals start popping up.

Cheap Flights on Tuesdays

In recent years, Tuesday is has become the unofficial U.S. airline sale day or as FareCompare CEO and airfare analyst Rick Seaney likes to say, Deal Day. And now that we’re heading into the cheaper fall season, you could call it Super Deal Day. Here are a few samples.

Click the airline for destinations and sale prices.

  • Alaska: Fall Deals from $59 one-way
  • Delta: U.S. Sale from $99 one-way
  • JetBlue: 2-Day Fall Sale from $49 one-way
  • Southwest: Fall and Winter Sale from $39 one-way
  • UPDATE Virgin America: Fall, Winter Deals from $49 one-way

Check the Deals Blog for more.

How to Find More Cheap Flights

Although U.S. sales generally pop up on Tuesdays, deals can materialize any time. How to find them:

Now go find a cheap flight and have some fall fun.


Updated: August 26, 2015