Welcome to the Dead Zone – Land of Cheap Flights

With apologies to Stephen King and the Manic Street Preachers, welcome to the dead zone, November edition. As fans of airfare expert Rick Seaney know, there are a few dead zones sprinkled throughout the year, periods when airfare is cheap because demand is low.

Listen: Airfare expert Rick Seaney says there’s another big dead zone on the way.

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November and December Dead Zones

Not surprisingly, periods preceding major holidays are among the best of the dead zones. Here are the usual dead zone dates – but don’t miss the important note that follows:

  • The first two weeks in November
  • The first two weeks in December

Note: Thanksgiving is late this year – Nov. 28 – which means the November dead zone may have a little elasticity and include a few later dates. The late Thanksgiving also means the very busy weekend and Monday after the holiday includes December dates and those will not be cheap.

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Dead Zone Airfare Prices

We looked at round-trip flights between Los Angeles and Dallas and here are prices we found:

  • November dead zone: $238*
  • Thanksgiving period: $300
  • December dead zone: $265
  • Christmas period: $346

*As always, airfare prices can and do change at any time; these were correct as of this writing but may change significantly.

A good way to get started is with a visit to the FareCompare Deals Blog. Or just check out prices on FareCompare. Comparing airfare is a must; as airfare analyst Rick Seaney points out, “No single airline always has the cheapest prices, all the time.”


Published: November 4, 2013