Weird Travel Stories of the Week + Video

For week ending Nov. 29: Thanksgiving, Christmas and  flying turkeys! (See the video)

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Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Deals: For our U.S. friends, enjoy the turkey. For our international friends, this is a great time to find a deal.

Hello, Christmas: Airberlin will fly your Christmas tree for free – even if it’s six feet tall. If you want to fly Airberlin, it’s one of the 500+ airlines we can show you.

Worst passengers on planes: We had high hopes but this list of worst-things-passengers-do is on the tame side. Still, there are a couple of gems such as number eight, “Being smelly”.

Ciao, tourists! Italian officials in Venice are set to ban the use of wheeled suitcases in May because they are noisy and may damage the city’s historic walkway and footbridges. Maybe you can use them if you pick them up but if the wheels touch the ground you may be hit with a $600+ fine which would be molto orribile.

Pilot bonus snatched away: The AP reports about 45 pilots of Hawaii’s Island Air were given an early Christmas bonus – about $4,000 each – now, the airline wants the money back. Supposedly the pilots may still get a bonus (we’re only talking about $180K total) but maybe not until summer. By the way, Island Air is owned by Larry Ellison – you know, the software billionaire.

Worst day-before-Thanksgiving traffic? A study of U.S. cities gives the honor to Los Angeles, saying the worst-of-the-worst congestion will be on the drive to LAX airport. Or as locals might say, business as usual!

“Heartwarming stunt”: KLM’s latest video (see below) shows how the airline makes its passengers feel good (or something like that). We just hope it’s not a fake stunt like the Beagle video.

Turkeys: Never mind what you may have heard, turkeys can in fact fly. See the video, just after KLM’s.

VIDEO: Saying farewell, the KLM way.

VIDEO: Turkeys flying, turkeys running, turkeys hanging out. Happy Thanksgiving!


Updated: November 26, 2014