Weird Travel Stories + Video: Week Ending March 7, 2015

Don’t miss the fun video at the very end.

Weird but True:  Travel Stories

Dog in suitcase: A Chihuahua, to be precise. While packing for a trip, the bag’s owner was unaware her pup had curled up in the bag and fell asleep. Later in LaGuardia, the bag set off an alarm. A TSA agent cautiously opened it up to reveal a small creature staring at him. Dog was sent home.

Hero Harrison Ford? NBC reports a witness said the actor “saved several lives” by not crashing his vintage plane into a densely populated area, instead coming down on a Venice, Calif. golf course (where, fortuitously, a number of doctors were at play). He’s going to be fine, say Ford’s people.

Boston Marathon: The 26+ mile run takes place April 20 and if you’d like to see it (or run!) check out the News Blog next week; we’ll tell you what days to fly to get the best ticket prices.

Six hours on hold: That’s how long Renee Allen says she was on the phone with American Airlines (six hours plus) without speaking to a live human being, and she never did get an answer about her delayed flight. Yes, the weather was horrendous (or “challenging” as American put it, in PR lingo). She should have gotten on Twitter instead because social media is what airlines pay attention to.

Now this is a cool video: Virgin Atlantic’s “Let it Fly” campaign is different, in a good way. I don’t know where this flight’s going [see video below] but I want to go too.

Another scorpion on another plane: First, an American woman on Alaska Airlines was stung by a scorpion on a plane; now  it’s a Canadian man’s turn. His stinging occurred while flying from Bogota to Mexico City but no one has identified the airline. Of course, I wouldn’t want my airline identified, either, not after the guy’s description of his ordeal: “Pain, nausea, chest pains, hallucinating and thinking that I was gonna die.” Yow.

Virgin America to Honolulu? The airline’s CEO drop hints about flying there. We can only hope.

VIDEO: Virgin does it again – the Atlantic one – and what it does is another great video.


Updated: March 6, 2015